Erasmus+ Leitaktion 2 (strategische Schulpartnerschaften)

Comenius 2008 - 2010 english


The following vocational colleges from four countries took part in this project.

Istitutio Professionale di Stato "Europa" – Neapel, Italy
IES La Guineueta – Barcelona, Spain
Obchodná academia – Bratislava, Slovakia
Stredni Odborná Skola Multimediálni a Propagacni Tvorby – Prague, Czech Republic

Project Description

“Step out: Gaining job experiences all over Europe” is designed to prepare the students of our vocational schools in 4 European countries to a future working life in other European countries: In our European economy the need to speak foreign languages, to deal with companies and customers from abroad or also the possibility to work in another European country or in an international or multinational company will be of a growing importance in the future. The students participating in the project are first asked to introduce their cities/regions concerning their specific developments (demographical structure, economic structure and/or problems). As a next step they will present to their European fellow-students the possibilities of jobs/training in their regions and will have to evaluate the incoming data by comparing the four European cities/regions involved in the project concerning the possibilities of jobs and training. To gain a realistic picture of living and working in another European country they will also examine the costs of living in the partner countries and design applications for a practical training there. All the presented materials will be put on a common website and be evaluated so that at the end of the project the students have a clear picture of working abroad: They will be able to compare and give suggestions for living and working in four European cities and regions across Europe.